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Volunteers Needed


  • Fundraisers
  • JV and Freshman CHAIN CREW
  • Player Food & Nutrition
  • Field Operations
  • Concession Stand
  • Night of the Raider & Reverse Raffle
  • End of the Year Banquet
  • Homecoming/Senior Night
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Home games "Valley Tailgate"

Volunteers are essential to team success.

We make sure the players never go hungry with pre-game meals, thursday dinners, and hundreds of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

We work behind the scenes to make sure fundraising efforts go smoothly by helping deliver pine straw and mulch.

We haul the gear trailer, setup the tents, and bring ice and food to tournaments.

We make sure the field is lined and we are the chain crew.

And the best part?  We get to know the players and parents first hand. We are a part of the team behind the scenes.

"It's the best seat in the house"

If you would like to VOLUNTEER for ANYTHING at ANY TIME during the off-season, please e-mail us at


You don't need a lot of free time to volunteer.

We have opportunities to fit every schedule. Take a look at the committees and signups to find something that works for you.

Click the links to see all volunteer opportunities. And, if you have questions, or would like a recommendation for your volunteer efforts please email us at

Thursday Breakfast

Volunteers Needed

Thursday Mornings

7:30am to 9:30am

Team Dinners

Hosts & Helpers Needed

Thursdays Before Home Games

5pm to 8pm

Concessions fuel fans and raise money for the team.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS MAKE OUR CONCESSION STAND POSSIBLE. We need you to create a fantastic experience for Raider fans, visitors and families. We're open at games for Varsity, JV, Freshman, Middle School and Raider Select.

Being part of the Raider Nation means working two events in the concession stand. Get to know other parents, and give your time to a great cause!

Varsity Parents please work two JV, 9th, NFMS and/or Raider Select games.

JV Parents please work two Varsity, 9th, NFMS and/or Raider Select games.

Freshman Parents please work two Varsity, JV, NFMS and/or Raider Select games.

Concession Stand

Thursday Breakfast

Get to know the players with this quick and easy volunteer opportunity! In-season, breakfast is provided on Thursday mornings during first period weight training. 

  • Each volunteer is asked to provide 45 servings of fruit.
  • One serving = approximately 1/2 cup.
  • Cut fruit works well (grapes, berries, melon, apples) placed in snack sized ziplocks.
  • Any fruit that is grab-and-go is also great: Clementines, bananas etc.

One volunteer is asked to pickup the buscuits, donated by one of our sponsors. Full details will be emailed on Monday of your volunteer week. 

CHAIR: Shannon Gomez:

TEAMS: First period weight training / Varsity 

TIME REQUIRED: About 2 hours. Biscuit pickup at 7:30am. Both volunteers arrive at school by 8:00, and we are usually done by 9:30-ish. 

COST: Requires volunteers to purchase 45 servings of fruit. 

Thursday & Friday Pre-Game Meals

Pre-game meals keep the team fueled and ready to play their best. This is a great way to get to know the players off the field. 

This committee will rotate weekly—Just 4-5 volunteers needed each day.

One volunteer picks up food, volunteers meet at the NFHS cafeteria by 3pm for setup. Teams arrive immediately following last bell at 3:40. Weekly volunteers help serve and cleanup. 

Committee chair will email group and coordinate weekly. 

TEAMS: Freshman & JV games

CHAIR: Leslie Sexton:

TIME REQUIRED: Approximately 2 hours. Food pickup at 2:30pm, meet at school by 3:00. Usually done by about 4:30

Thursday Full Team Dinners

Full team dinners include all Varsity players as well as Coaches. When schedules permit, JV and Freshman are also invited. Orchestrating the full team dinner takes a little extra planning and effort but it's worth it! This is an opportunity for the entire team to enjoy great food and fun together. Graduating seniors always mention team dinners as one of the most memorable events of the season.

NOTE: Full team dinners are paid for by the host and volunteers. This event is NOT covered by booster club funds. You can make it as easy (potluck) or as fancy (catered) as you wish. Your guests will have a great time no matter what. 


HOST: You are the mastermind for your dinner. Tasks include:

  • Choose location & reserve. Ideas: back yard, neighborhood clubhouse, church, community center.
  • Make sure you have enought tables & chairs. Sometimes available with the above ideas.
  • Plan menu. Ideas: Potluck (all volunteers bring something) Chili, Burgers, Catered. All work great.
  • Coordinate with your volunteer team. Make sure everyone agrees on the cost, division of donations or money, and what needs to be done the night of the dinner. 
  • Communicate: Two weeks in advance, let the Food & Nutrition Chair know where your dinner will be held and the menu.

TEAMS: Varsity, JV and Freshman, depending on game schedule



TIME REQUIRED: Hosting requires many hours on your own schedule for planning and coordinating but it's worth it. Volunteers are needed for 2-4 hours on the night of the event. 

COST: This event requires either a contribution of food or money, depending on the menu.

Location: TBD


Questions about Food & Nutrition Committees?

Contact Leslie Sexton, Food & Nutrition Chair.

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