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This event provides a way for players to offset the cost of their player pack team apparel. If the money raised exceeds the cost of the player pack fee, funds can go towards player dues.

REQUIREMENT: All players grades 9-12 are required to participate.

HOW DOES IT WORK? In the weeks prior to the Lift-a-Thon, players request pledges based on the combined amount of weight they can lift at bench press, squat and power clean.  For example, a sponsor may pledge 5 cents per pound. On the day of the Lift-a-Thon, the player's max weight lifted is 200 bench, 300 squat, and 200 power clean for a total of 700lbs. Multiply this total max weight by the amount pledged to determine the amount owed for this pledge. 700 x .05=$35.00. Sponsors can also simply pledge a flat rate too, for example $30.

HOW IS MONEY COLLECTED? Pledges can be paid directly through the player's paypal link (below) or by cash or check. Flat rate sponsorships can be paid anytime. Per pound sponsors will be notified of the amount lifted and total amount due in the week after the Lift-a-Thon.

PLEDGES: March 2-15
LIFT-A-THON: Week of March 16

GOAL: $26O for first year players; $220 all others

Player Pack

Sponsor your player the easy way! Scroll down, find your varsity player and click the link to pay with PayPal.

It's easy to pledge with PayPal! Just click on the player's link below.


Become a North Forsyth Football Sponsor